When And Why Levendis

April and May: Couples and singles will find the early season peaceful and tranquil, as will parents (single or couples) holidaying with pre-school children. You’ll prefer Easter holidays if you’re a family who enjoys the mid-20s sunshine for walking together to explore the island’s mountain paths, wildflowers underfoot, spectacular seascapes, green valleys and villages high in the mountains. If you prefer cycling, this is also the time for you and spring brings the clearest light of the year for photography. The Estate’s Chef is happy to have a meal in your oven at the end of the day so that you easily can enjoy evenings together, cosy by the wood fired heater, books, games and wine to hand. As more warmth arrives during May, swimming and boating become additional choices and evenings will be warm enough to enjoy dining in our villages on balmy evenings. You’ll leave us with a sense of relaxed wellness.

Late May to end June: The Estate’s guests will be couples, families with pre-school children or parents with older children on university breaks. Weather in high 20s to low 30s is perfect for swimming, boating, snorkeling and endless balmy evenings dining outdoors. Often the time of year preferred for private holidays for extended family celebrations or small private weddings. Village life is in full swing, though the island is remains quiet and peaceful with bright and clear light, perfect for photography.

July and August are the peak Mediterranean summer months; however it’s all relative. You won’t choose Ithaca if you want discos, bars and masses of people, but you will choose Ithaca if you prefer to find your own small beach during peak summer, quiet and traditional village life, getting to know local people, long balmy evenings for al fresco dining, spectacular star displays. Expect that all guests to Levendis will be families with school-age children, that your fellow-guests often will have been holidaying at Levendis for some years, and that your reservation should be in place by end January. After mornings of yoga, pilates, massage treatments, and long breakfasts, sea-based activities will likely predominate your afternoons (boating, snorkeling, swimming, excursions by boat for coastal exploration, kayaking) but it may be difficult to convince your children to leave the poolside fun at Levendis

September is for you if you’d like to enjoy one of the most peaceful of months with summer giving way to quieter autumn sun and slightly lower temperatures. It is the best month to enjoy the warmth of a sea heated by summer’s constant sun, tavernas and villages relaxing after summer rushes and an Estate with guests who are almost exclusively couples on a last break before European winter sets in, albeit with a few small children as well! Early autumn morning light adds a special peacefulness to the forest pavilion for massage treatments and to early morning yoga/pilates classes.