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Travel Options
Travel to Levendis is surprisingly easy, despite Ithaca being a little off the beaten track. Please use our 'Contact Us' form to ask our advice for your journey options. A few general ideas are below.

Given that Levendis and Ithaca are always the ultimate destination, international and European guests most often fly into Athens and take a connecting domestic flight to Kefallonia. However, travelling to Ithaca from Italy is also an option, with ferry companies plying the Ionian seas daily to bring you from cities on the east cost of Italy to the mainland Greek city of Patras, quite near to Ithaca. During the summer months you can also choose to travel from Italy to Corfu on these ferries, then take a hydrofoil to Kefallonia and on to Ithaca.

Guests from the United Kingdom have the additional option of using our 'one-call, charter flight reservation' service. This service uses the efficiency, talents and vast experience of a UK firm which specialises specifically in obtaining flights to Kefallonia.
Airport Transfers
Once you arrive at Kefallonia airport, you can relax and begin slipping into holiday mode, as we take over.  Our chauffeur will be waiting for your flight to arrive.  He will whisk you across Kefallonia to the port of Sami, where we'll have where we'll have a boat waiting to bring you across to Ithaca- a scenically beautiful 45 minute boat ride.  As the boat draws into the port of Pisos Aetos, you will see our Ithacan driver waiting to bring you to Levendi's.  Two hours after arriving at Kefallonia, you will be sitting on the verandah at Levendi's enjoying drinks and being on holidays.
Athens Stop - Overs
If your travel plans mean that you’ll be passing through Athens, or that you would like to see other parts of Greece in combination with time spent at Levendis, you may like the benefit of our knowledge to help in making your plans. Your time in Greece can be a far richer experience if you are able to see some of the ancient sites, many of which are either in the city or closeby. Our capital and its surrounds are extraordinarily rich in antiquities, but it can be a difficult place to move around in.

We are happy to take time to advise you on the many options for sightseeing, travel and city accommodation. We are also able to provide you with a private chauffeur. This way you see as much as possible without any of the frustrations involved in finding your own way around.

Once you are happy with the plans we will have made together, we provide a detailed final itinerary for your approval. With this to hand, we complete accommodation and private sightseeing reservations for you and provide you with confirmations.

Again, please use our ‘Contact Us’ form to request further information about your choices for this part of your holiday.

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